Radiator adjustment closeup. Men's hand adjusting radiator temCentral Heating Installation

Whether you need your central heating system to be updated and replaced, or there’s not an existing system in place, come to gasfix   Gas Services for a quality installation service. Our expert central heating engineers can evaluate your property in order to find the best option for you and your purposes. And we can also offer a free quote without obligation prior to beginning any work.

Central Heating Power Flush

Central heating power flushing is a great way to improve the efficiency of your central heating system – and save money too. Power flushing is a great remedy for pipes which are blocked or partially blocked as a result of sludge accumulation. While sludge makes it hard for heat to circulate both into and within radiators, power flushing can clear your system of sludge and improve its efficiency.

In addition to being inefficient, blocked pipes also mean that your boiler has to work harder for longer, which isn’t good for your central heating system or your bank balance. In addition, there are many benefits to central heating power flushing.

For more information on Powerflushing please watch the video below: